new from alex tracey: “take me to the other side” review


New from the small town West Yorkshire artist Alex Tracey is the single “Take Me To The Other Side”.  It’s a high energy, upbeat song with some killer guitar, which is even called out in the video’s subtitles with, “[Solo...intensifies?]” as Tracey plays.

The track’s vocals aren’t quite spectacular, but Tracey’s quirky voice is perfect for the indie pop song and it blends well with the electronic-rock backing music which is very reminiscent of early The 1975 songs like “Girls” and “Heart Out”.  

The best thing about the song is its accompanying music video, directed by Liam James Ward, who also worked on Tracey’s music video for his song “Crazy”. The camera quality in the video isn’t the best, which might be the point seeing as throughout there’s static screens overlaid, making it look like an old home movie and giving it a vintage-retro aesthetic that works perfectly with the style of the song.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 8.57.18 PM.png

And by far the best thing about the video is the subtitles. With a few gems like “[indistinct Spanish]” and “[Visible Confusion]”, they have nothing to do with the song itself, but they’re hilarious and add an extra layer of charm to the video.

Overall, “Take Me To The Other Side” is a great addition to Alex Tracey’s discography and a notable song to add to your music library.

Check out the track below on spotify!