VHS Collection’s Optimistic New Single “Dreaming” Will Have You Dancing: A Song Review


Hailing from Brooklyn, VHS Collection follows in the footsteps of many other great energetic NY-based electro-pop acts; from the well-established (LCD Soundsystem) to the short-lived ( Black Light Dinner Party, Little Daylight), the City That Never Sleeps has inspired an impressive playlist of synthy late night dance party jams over the years.

“Dreaming,” however, was recorded far away from the band’s New York home at an Airbnb in LA, where the band set up a home studio for three weeks. A fitting follow-up to their 2018 album Retrofuturism, “Dreaming” reinforces their brand of pure energetic, danceable synth-rock.

The song builds slowly, beginning with ethereal vocals and gaining intensity as it leads into the chorus. James Bohanon’s confidently introspective vocals layered over infectiously catchy 80s-influenced synths feels nostalgically optimistic. For better or (mostly) for worse, we’re living in tense political and social times. Melancholy pop music may be trending in the mainstream, but “Dreaming” is dance-party-approved, otherworldly, escape-from-reality fun.

Catch VHS Collection at a stop on their national Retrofuturism tour, or wait until the summer and catch one of their festival sets. Either way, bring your dancing shoes and be prepared to boogie like it’s 1989.