Break Out Your Headphones for "Eternal Reach" by The Brummies


I’ll admit, I’m kind of the worst when it comes to music suggestions from friends. I’m a creature of habit; I make playlists that include the same songs I’ve been listening to for months, and I shy away from adding any new music on it. And don’t even think about adding a new artist!

Recently, however, a friend recommended me a song. The song she recommended featured an artist that I am already a fan of, and is on my playlist. I went into it for the sake of the artist I already like and then I stuck around for the actual band.


The recommended song was “Drive Away” by The Brummies featuring Kacey Musgraves. “Drive Away” is on The Brummies’ debut album, Eternal Reach, which came out in April of 2018. “Drive Away” has an almost psychedelic sound to it. The song pulls you in with the cool guitar, easy beat, and beautiful vocals. Musgraves’ effortless voice flows through the song, and meshes sinfully with the vocals of vocalists John Davidson and Jacob Bryant.  

The Brummies is made up of vocalists and multi-instrumentalists John Davidson and Jacob Bryant, and drummer Trevor Davis. Contrary to their name, they are an American-bred band from Alabama. As explained by their artist bio, The Brummies’ music encapsulates “the psych-rock vibe of the Sixties and the soft indie-folk of the Nineties” while maintaining a “timeless sound all its own.”

So here I am, suggesting music, even after I said I’m horrible when it comes to music suggestions. I hope you don’t take this lightly, because The Brummies are definitely ones to watch.

Don’t jump into the album out of order like I did the first time around. After discovering I thoroughly enjoyed “Drive Away,” I went onto their Spotify and hit shuffle. Interested in learning more about the band, I read through their bio. It was there that I read a quote from Bryant: “We knew we wanted to tell a story with Eternal Reach. It’s very thematic and it sounds like a movie.” I’m a sucker for albums that have a specific order they need to be listened in. I love knowing that the artist very specifically chose which song goes after the other.

No spoilers here, so I won’t go into too much detail on the songs, because listening to this album all the way through is definitely an adventure.

The song on Eternal Reach that most stood out to me was “Another Me.” The gentle fingerpicking paired with Bryant’s strong, but gloomy, vocals with added instruments coming in throughout the piece makes for a heartbreakingly beautiful song. The lyrics are straight to the point, relatable, and not to be misconstrued. The yearning is clear.

“Somebody New,” the song that follows “Another Me,” is such a stark contrast to the gentle crooning, but it just fits into the story that Eternal Reach is telling. “Somebody New” is another one of my favorites from the album, as well as “Norway,” “Drive Away,” “Set You Free,” “Songbird,” and “Troubles.” (I have to stop myself before I list every song.)

If you do decide to take up my recommendation, I hope you enjoy this rock album just as much as I did. I highly suggest immersing yourself into the music. From their artist bio: Eternal Reach is “perfectly suited for losing yourself beneath a pair of quality headphones.”

check out “eternal reach” on spotify now.

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