hot flash heat wave: exclusive interview + pics

by emma kayachanian

how did you decide on the name hot flash heat wave? 

we wanted a band name with a weird energy to it, and something not too serious. we also wanted a name that captured our early years’ summery/surfy vibes. we combined the two to arrive upon hfhw. 

what has this past year been like for you as a band?

its been really good! things have really started to pick up. more people are listening to our music then ever before and we've gone on a bunch of rad tours, with inner wave, no vacation, the garden, hunny, summer salt, and we're about to go on another big one with the frights starting sept 8 this year. another great experience was playing outside lands a couple weeks ago, which was out biggest show to date.

what was it like going from living together to not living together anymore? was it a hard decision to make? did it cause any hardship in creating or writing music?

it wasn't that difficult of a decision to move out of our house. all of us living at the house had it's advantages for sure: made rehearsals easy because we were all there and we rehearsed in our living room, made compositional collaboration easier, and also made knocking out band admin stuff easy. but since the house was so busy and noisy with music and art it was oftentimes hard to focus & find uninterrupted solitude to develop ones own ideas. everyone moving into their own place was a net gain songwriting-wise because each songwriter finally had a space to let their soul breathe and the ideas come out. nonetheless there is still collaborative spirit as always, but that usually comes after the original idea is developed in solitude and then we tweak it rehearsal.

do all of you write your music (since you all sing) or is it mostly one of you?

everyone in the band writes. typically the main songwriter for the song will sing lead on the track.

do any of the guys do anything other than music?

adam owns a screenprinting company, ted is a freelance graphic designer, nathan mixes music and does some film work, nick does management work.

big plans for next year?

tours.. and dropping a new release!