third eye high: molly moore ep review


words by stephen whiting

Over the years Molly Moore’s songwriting has been the secret weapon behind artists such as Jesse Mccartney, Felix Cartal, and Conro. Now LA singer and songwriter Molly Moore invites the world into the dark wonderland of her hypnotic melodies in her recently released Third Eye High EP.

Third Eye High begins with the creeping kick drums and brooding bass of ‘Tough Love’. Moore craves a ride or die companion to match her own unbridled devotion singing “you know I need your tough love”. Impeccable instrumentation runs through the track as Moore’s multi-layered harmonies warp and bend into shadowy electronica.

Flowing into the most pop centric track on the record is ‘No Stress” which turns the focus onto violet hued visions of a stress free future. Jubilant horn percussions float in tandem with Moore’s airy vocals as she tries to escape her past. ‘No Stress’ remains true to Moore’s unique sound yet lacks more of the intrinsic lyrics reflected within the album, a daydream in between reality and fantasy.

Part of what makes Moore stand out among her peers is her willingness to experiment with her sound. Blending synth with soul, ‘Catch And Release” is a shining example of this. Dual vocals glide over a smooth bassline waltzing in tandem with a playful saxophone as she sings reassuringly “I’ll catch and you release”, adding to the harmonic balance of indie pop within the album.

In the maelstrom aftermath is the final song on the EP ‘Lighten Up’. Hoping for a world where she can escape the weight of her own emotions, Moore sings despondently “it’s too dark in here, what's it take to lighten up?”. Moore’s staccato vocals act as an arrow piercing through the laid back production, adding layers of buoyant reflection to ponderings of the past.

Listening to Molly Moore is an awakening for what electro pop is capable of. Her melodies are carefully crafted yet playful, delivering a solid work of art without sacrificing lyricism.

Third Eye High is available here.