Coast Modern Interview: Blood Dad, Dank Java Spots, And Music


Words by Kariann Tan

The boys are back - or might I rephrase, have been back for a while. Consisting of Luke Holland and Coleman Trapp, Coast Modern is not the bunch to be messed with. Since their latest self-titled debut album, the duo has garnered a closely knit fanbase as well as amassing a couple more new listeners at the same time.

With the relatively recent release of "Electric Feel" back in February and their ongoing tour that takes them around the continent of North America and back, I manage to find a window of Luke's incredibly busy schedule to talk about what's been going on in their minds as of late. 

First off, I want to talk about the name Coast Modern. Where did that name come from, and how did this all begin?

Well to be completely honest, we were first called Blood Dad and never thought we’d be a real band. After we started taking it a little more seriously (keyword: little) we hit on the name Coast Modern, based on “postmodern.” We’re from the coast and try to keep it modern, so it feels right.

Was music something that you both wanted to pursue from a young age?

It was more of a side thing for fun, playing instruments and rocking out in bad middle school and high school bands. Then we both had the moment like, this is kind of the only thing we’re good at, so let’s do it forever.

Cute! If you could describe your aesthetic to a new listener, how would you describe it?

It’s like a giant technicolor sea turtle that swims gracefully in a glittering ocean where all the fish and mollusks and weird tube things bop and blow ash in unison. But on the side they’re also building a submarine for the air in hopes of one day leaving the ocean.

That’s… imaginative, to say the least. Your self-titled album features tracks that have different styles of sounds and genres combined into one pot of real, good music. But,if you had to choose a song off your album that defines your band or you guys personally, what song would it be and why?

I don’t think you could pick just one! We are the big pot, we are the bubbling stew with chunks of many flavors. If we had one song that defined us right now, I think we would give up. But we’re still striving for that perfect bite.

So, three words. Haunted House Party. Who came up with that idea?

The name came to Coleman in a dream and we had to figure out what it was. It had a spirit of wild fun that we needed to take to the people.

The Talent Show and Haunted House Party video that was posted on your social media is actually also one of my favourite things ever. What are your graphics and videos inspired by?

We love making little weird videos that are different than your average promo stuff that you'd see on social media. GIFs and early net art have always been fascinating. It’s like, we can do 4K hour long videos online now, but the appeal of lo-fi superimposed imagery still has a charm that we like. It’s as if we’re hanging out instead of making everything seem and look super formal.

Your current tour will also be taking you guys through the entire country. Is there anything specific that you’re looking forward to seeing or trying during your tour?

We’d never been to Maine, so we were excited to try lobster rolls. We try to sample to local delicacies and pursue the dankest 3rd-wave java spots wherever we go. But really we’re excited to see all our fans and the talents and lights they bring to the show.

Good luck on your dank journey! Anyway, you just released your cover of "Electric Feel" by MGMT, which is a serious bop. Is it safe to say that we’ll be expecting more covers of songs from you guys soon?

It’s such a great song, but the cover was just recorded on a whim. We may release a cover of a certain lady of soul that we’ve been doing live, but you never know…

A few months ago, one of you tweeted that you were “making your own Coachella for the cool people”, which leads me to ask you my burning question: if Coast Modern actually made their own Coachella for the cool people, who would you like to see on your lineup?

We’re kind of doing it right now with the tour. We’ve invited some of our favorite young bands out with us for a week at a time, just to meet them and hang out. We have Netherfriends, Late Night Episode, The Technicolors, Bad Bad Hats, Mikey Mike, etc. But if we scaled it up a little, I’d like to see Soft Hair, Kirin J. Callinan, Caroline Rose, Brockhampton, UMO, Kali Uchis….

That would be a dope setlist. Just to close things off, what can your fans expect from you guys this year?

We’re busy crafting new tunes, so some may see the light this year. More collabs. More happenings and pop-up events. A “fashion line” too. We’ll see.

Check out Coast Modern's recent single "Electric Feel", available on Spotify now.