Sigrid: Norway's Pop Princess

Photo by Francesca Allen

Photo by Francesca Allen

By Ryan Hooper-Smith

Although once described as “soulless” and “anemic,” synth-pop has seen once again the birth of a breathtaking new star - 21-year-old Norwegian singer Sigrid. A young and new artist to the scene, Sigrid has risen to fame within a short span of time and has claimed her role as pop royalty - winning the BBC Music Sound of 2018, joining the likes of Adele and Sam Smith. The mix of pop and electronic music, which is both catchy and addictive, complements her subtle Norwegian accent beautifully and creates immersive songs that set themselves apart from what we hear on the radio today. She has an iconic voice with a warmth like no other, one that will soon immerse the world and cause her to become the next pop queen.

Upon first listening of her 2017 hit single, Don’t Kill My Vibe, there was an instant warmth from her voice and an urge to dance. This upbeat uniqueness of Sigrid is similar to the likes of pop sensations Astrid S and Troye Sivan - each giving their own versions of pop music to the world that time and time again never fail to connect with young audiences across the globe. The song was followed by an aesthetically pleasing, invigorating lyric video full of colour and intensity - perfect for the sometimes Shakira-like beauty of her voice.

Later in the year we saw the release of her third single as a lead artist, Strangers, a techno-dance beat which is another step up onto the world stage from releases such as Don’t Kill My Vibe and Plot Twist. It is a more repetitive song compared to her other hits, and is lyrically a step towards becoming a cliche pop hit, yet compositionally is further south to the synth/electronic scene. Confusing, yet hypnotic, the hit once again proved popular among audiences - with it becoming her biggest single yet. And while Sigrid is yet to fully crack the US music scene, when she does these songs will become iconic hits, popular across the entire country. As for across the pond, Sigrid has surprisingly only reached #10 on the UK Singles Chart, however her awards from the UK are indication she’s beginning to rise internationally. With the release of a new album due within this year, many believe Sigrid will manage to break into the Billboard Hot 100 and grow even larger than the goddess she currently is.

It’s going to be a long, anticipating wait for Sigrid to finally get the recognition she deserves across the globe, but she’s starting to crack it - and I see that 2018 will definitely be her year. So go ahead, Sigrid, give us a new hit to bop to and light the world up - because we’re falling head over heels for you.

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